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Posted by winKoneR - December 12th, 2010

After almost a year long pause is here a new album, LP named Abstract Beat which is from now available to download completely free from my website - http://winkoner.com/

As you can tell from the name album is a product of pure abstraction. LP contains thirteen tracks with a total length of 59 minutes, which consists of combination of synthetic, repetitive melodies, ambient pads and hip-hop, hyphy, and broken beats.

- Click here for FREE download from Synth City website -

Abstract Beat LP is OUT ! Download NOW ! For FREE ! DO IT ! ^^

Posted by winKoneR - November 24th, 2009

Hello again Newgrounders !

It's been a while since I posted or submitted something here. There is a lot of reasons why I lack at production these days. My personal life is keeping me very busy as much as my jobs. Also I started to play PC games once again. After a years of pause at gaming I feel like I'm back and addicted more than ever :) But who can resist things like Left4Dead 2 or Modern Warfare 2 ? :)
Anyways, when I have some time to do some music, I'm working on my next LP or I'm working on soundtracks for new Gears of War machinima by Dotswoof, called Out of Service.
Here are first three episodes, check them out for sure !

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The next episode will be up this friday. You can watch them on Machinima.com or on Machinima.com's YouTube channel. Also you can find it on Dotswoof Youtube channel or simply at DotSwoof.com !

Posted by winKoneR - September 3rd, 2009


I'm now working on my second LP, so I want to let you know about the preview of the first sneak peak tracks of the upcoming LP and also remind you to download the old one :)

The new track is called "Destiny" and you can download it HERE next to the tracks of Tony Yayo, DJ Vadim, Kottonmouth Kings and many other as a part of a Windows/Reverbnation campaing for support of the free music. Don't forget to download them too ! ;)

The second track from the upcoming demo is right here in the portal, it's called Temple of the Beatmonks, which is accidentaly at the TOP50 of Hip Hop Modern chart @ NGAP ( THANK YOU FOR VOTING ! ) and you can listen and download it from my audio collection... or simply click HERE.

If you like the song or my production here, feel free to download the Synth City LP from HERE.
Also you can listen to a video containing snippets from the LP here...

/* */
Also, I would like you to thank all the 49 (*) guys who added me as their favorite audio artists.
Thank you guys, you're the best ! Thanks for support !

1. anottakenusername
2. Banmar
3. BuSHeY3357
4. ButzboPrud
5. Chrisdude93
6. Collkid76
7. Corpsecrank
8. Daddy-L-Jackson
9. Deathmonkey7
10. elanawolf830
11. emc2dvs
12. Foxtacy
13. frozenwave
14. Gadoink
15. GameMjoe
16. Hatsu
17. hck112
18. HeartlessQQ
19. IceZora
20. JayZX
21. jino-silver-flame
22. Kaplowawow
23. Lynch321
24. Mad-Muppet
25. MaestroRage
26. Manaheart14
27. marajadeskywalker
28. MarcoSharper
29. master-surgeon
30. mcmarcooo
31. MissRoseLee
32. mistywisty77
33. mowgomorgan
34. Nao-Haruki
35. NomadDemon
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37. purplemoose
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42. silencefreedom
43. Slipstreamer
44. stankbug
45. Tamasan
46. tom90cuc99
47. tom90cuc99dia08
48. TwilightMaster
49. twilightofdusk

* - I can see that some of you are there twice, so there's not 49 people but 49 accounts, but that is just the double-thank you for you who added me on your both accounts ! :)

Thank you all, stay chooned !


Posted by winKoneR - May 3rd, 2009

Hello Newgrounders...

this post is especially for the Flash Artists.

In past, I has been making some scoring for a few flash artists here and also for some Dotswoof.com movies, and I must say I like it.
Making themes for some games or videos/movies is very entertaining so I decided to make a Ambience Collection exlusively for Newgrounds artists.

So from now on, if you´ll be looking for some soundtracking your movies or games, you can check my audio gallery. The tracks you will be lookin´ for will be tagged with the NG logo you can se below.

I will be consecutively adding more and more tunes for your projects.

Also I´m opened for your requests and suggestions so PM me, or reply to this post if you want some specific tune or theme.

Stay tuned, bye


Exclusive BCG Ambient tunes for NG artists.

Posted by winKoneR - February 14th, 2009

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Posted by winKoneR - December 31st, 2008

Posted by winKoneR - December 18th, 2007

Descartes was wrong !!
12/17/06... that was the date when my production was born. That was the day, when the real winKoneR came to life and together with his feelings inserted in his music came on NGAP. Hell, it's only a year... but after this year of composing, I don't know how could i live without it... I feel like I'm living since that day....

"I compose, therefore I am..."


Newgrounds For Life...
From my early years, when I became to be interested in music, I was thinking about composing someday... I haven't wherewithall, but I wanted to start someday. After years I found them, but I just don't know where to start... So I said to myself - "You have still time, you can wait.."
I was wrong... I had to start earlier, much earlier, but that doesn't matter now. The important thing is, WHAT made me to start a year ago... a that WHAT, was Newgrounds Audio Portal. I was here for the first time about 6 or 7 years ago and signed up 3 years ago in 2004. Then I lost time for visiting NG and I left... after some time, in winter 2006, I came back to look what's new here. Awesome production which I heard at NGAP totally engulfed me. And picked-up me too... So I started... The reason was only one... I wanted to have my own music here, next to all these production stars which I loved. I wanted my music to be rated and reviewed and most importantly.. listened! Isn't it funny ? To start whole think because of some webpage ? No it's not... I wanted to fill my dreams and NG was great place to start...
Thank you Tom, thank you NG, thank you A-Bot ^^

FLstudio, I choose you !!
So I knew where to start... but I still didn't know how to start... The most popular software in my quarters was FLstudio aka Fruity Loops, so I downloaded the demo and began composing.
It was nice, It was easy ( I thought that day ) and it was fun. It was great choice.
Now I'm admin of FLstudio BBS for Czech Republic, and I'm happy for it ;)
Thank you FLstudio !

From Dangerous Group to the addiction on composing in one year...
My earliest production went along with premade loops, preset sheets and default samples... this all composed at one shot, without saving. You can still listen to this crap in my Audio Collection... It's funny crap, like everyone's beginning. I have great memories in it. It was like I'm kid which is playing some game. I made whole track only with premade loops and I thought I'm great producer.
But I have to delete this shit soon... at least from NGAP.
Today I don't think my production is something special but I think I came a long way from Dangerous Group ( my 1st song ever ) and Cool Fly ( my 1st song submitted ).
I was at radio show as a High-Fly Newcomer ^^, I made a lot of collabs, tributes and remixes and after one year of work... I'm satisfied. Surprisingly, I found a lot of people who like my music, and these people are now the reason of my production.
So now I totally depend on making music and It's a important part of my life... I just love it.
Thank you all for supporting me, and listening to my music !

Heroes Of NGAP
I'm so good and popular like Chuck,
Boys want to be winKoneR and girls want to f...

No, seriously... lot of young girls want to be like Britney and boys like 50cent... oh my god, why ?
Maybe I'm weird, but people who are pressing me forward are not some superstars with 300 cars, 100 houses and 5 private airplanes... I choosed people in my age, even younger, who are still underground... I don't like them for their image or fame, but for their music... hell... It's you guys !! Your music is what is pressing my music up ! Cornandbeans' awesome feel in every track, ParagonX9's energy in every track, AdmiralConquistador's geniality in composing, Lil'Saynt's tight snarerolls and Rucklo's bossing at Audio BBS :)
Why should I have Timbaland as my idol ?? When I listen to his music I'm pissed off because I know I never ever going to be good as him... then I listen to Karbon's music and I say "HELL! He done it, he's even better than Timbo" XD
You all guys in NGAP are pressing me up, and I thank you all for it and for your great music !

What now??
Ahhh... thinking about future... what to do with a whole second year of production...
What ? Shit, hit me and do some collab together man !
Thank you for reading this post ^^

Posted by winKoneR - July 20th, 2007

Halla to ya all Nugroundaz !!

I'm back with my humble production ;-] After a long pause ( I hadn't much time lately, you know, it's summertime ), I'm cumming back with sum nu jointz fo' NGAP...
Newgrounds are now NEWer after the big redesign, so I have to upload sum nu shitz fo all of ya :D

I had just uploaded one of my older projects, called Crunk'n'bass which is an experimental junction of south style hip hop beat and DnB... you can call it Crack'n'bass as well ;))

And I will upload more and more fresh ( or less fresh ) tracks in da near future, so stay tooned ^^

Don't forget to check winK-space to hear my newest production...

peace out