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good job

Jean Michel Jarre meets early Depeche mode... well, it really does sound like that :) For your first submission, it's very good... only thing I don't like are the drums... I miss some kind of groove and that will be propably because of lack of the percussions... it's only kick and snare, which is not very healthy :) Try adding at least some hi-hats next time... percussions are very little, but they do very much :)
Anyways, keep up the good work and most importantly, have fun !
5/5; 10/10


codergames responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch! You really figured out my inspirations. I'm a huge fan of Jean and all of the old school stuff. Ah, those were the days, right?

I hate you...

No... I hate myself... for clicking on this song. What was the point of spending whole week on making two shitty songs and then listening to this. Most of the submissions for Robot Day will be propably tomorrow, but so far... you are winner for me. I will be rooting for you tomorrow ;) Your style reminds me of Skrillex a little bit. That's a good thing. Since Skrillex is one of the greatest music minds of this generation. And you have great talent, I can hear it. If you will keep up the good work, you will be doing this for living someday. Regards, bye.


Acid-Paradox responds:

Bro don't let your spirit down , remember that this is a great chance to improve your knowledge as a producer, that's how i see all these contests.

Skrillex is one of my favorite producers and he uses glitching/chopping a lot on his tracks, specially chopped vocals. You should get dblueglitch plugin by illformed, that's what i used to make the glitches and it's pretty to use.Also you can use that as a bitcrusher too.

Thanks a lot for the kind comments but never give up bro, just keep making music

awesome Ruben -Acid Paradox-


consequences everywhere...

SessileNomad responds:


uuuuuh aaaaaaaah

and that's why it's the best song evah !

that's it...

so much graffiti beat... you know, I don't mean like bombing underground or street, but more like a legal shit or wholecar somewhere in Spain :) great shit, keep 'em coming !


only 90 listens ? how is that possible ? It's rare to hear good old sampled beats like this in the days full of synthetic crunk shit... great beat, great sampling, keep it up man... big up, peace out !

that's the shit

great stuff you rollin there, also good job on the master sound... nice work, I will check out more tracks of yours for sure... regards, bye !

nice one

Great piece of music. I love the work of the strings in background. The only thing that I found very annoying is that flat synthetic snare. The drums generally shoul be more diversal and energic. Never the less, I like it !

Regards, bye !


epic fail

just seconding the lordtac's review... epic fail is it because it has score 4.37 :)

wow, new chaoz

great stuff you rollin there... as always... and it's submitted on my B-day, thanks ! I knew you won't forget about my B-day ! :D

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