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i like your style

i like hard trackz like dis one, cuz I'm bad at making them :) this one was very good... I liked that drumloop and bassline a lot. sfx are very nicely added in too. keep up the good work

Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for -- PolyDimensional Storm, raising its score from 3.50 to 4.00.

DrRalf responds:


very nice tune

i really enjoyed this track a lot. i like this type of music. lovely piano combined with hard clap beat. that opening was perfect- piano loop with that pad sounds very nice. it´s a pity that you haven´t done it more diversal, i think, that piano and drumloop could be combined with that violin more, and that would be awesome. anyway, it´s very good work, keep it up ;)

shrockoflame1 responds:

nice love beat to keep it goning

hawt joint bitch !

I luv to heer some crunkin´ shit on NG, and dis was hard. keep up da balla shit ^^ peace out

YoungBreeze responds:

Good Lookin out on tha review Winkz. Appreciate the love and i will checkout some of your stuff.

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that was...

wonderful <3 i really enjoyed this track... that harp in combination with that violin is so lovely.
and you´re right, it sounds like sunset, in some medieval movie, in some Celtic land for sure ! because your track hardly reminds music of Ronan Hardiman :) oh my... I´m listening to it as I´m reviewing it, that´s bad, because I´m falling in love with this track <3 ^^ ! :) it´s really very great work, keep it up...

Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for Home-Grown Sunset, raising its score from 3.57 to 3.75.

languid-phenomenon responds:

XDDD I'm Glad you like it so much!!

Thank you so much for the review ^^ *its pretty hard to get my stuff heard when everything was zero bombes right when it came out :( *
thanks again XD


sooper dooper trooper

I just love this song !! ( and the first version too, but i can´t decide which is better... both are perfect )... it´s best house submission on AP ! I love this type of house, it reminds me of some Tyree Cooper´s things... it's simply perfect. I hope I will buy your cd in the future. great work man.

voted 5 on both tracks ;)


this track reminds me of an old playstation1 game... it was called music or something so original like that :)) that title was original as this track :) in that game was player just splicing loops together to make song :) and your style is the same... i´m not saying that i don´t like you :D you had made me think about old good times with psone...

however, this track is practically not made by you... but it´s spliced nicely :))

i´m giving you 10 overall because you reminded me good times :D


got skills uh ? ;)

this review is for all your songs... i listened to all of them... and i have to say taht you are very talented...

especially this "Day2" loop is very nice, it's yer best track fo sho...

i'm looking forward to yer upcoming trax, keep it up, cya

London stand up tall ^^

don’t give it half hearted give it all pull your socks up and stand up tall

very nice track, it´s your best fo sho... very nice drumloop, very nice bassline and nice sfx ;) i enjoyed this track... keep up da good work and don´t forget to check out my audio ;) cya l8r ;)

BritZombie responds:

Cheers mate, could you check out my recent stuff and I'll definatly be sure to have a butchers at yours

very good one

oh, very nice start on NG :) it sounds lovely... but it´s little bit short, you could made it longer, cuz that main melody loop sounds very good ;) however, it´s still very good intro of your style and i am looking forward to listening more of your hawt trackz here

Aaron-Miller responds:

thanks for your review! I don't want it that long for first upload, just want it short and simple. Glad you like my first one =D

damn !!

Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for {Firestorm}, raising its score from 4.19 to 4.21.

man, i just love this song... one of the best songs of AP... GREAT JOB !!

cornandbeans responds:

woa :D

I never expected this one to get so popular.

Thanks for the support, man. :)

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