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very good one

oh, very nice start on NG :) it sounds lovely... but it´s little bit short, you could made it longer, cuz that main melody loop sounds very good ;) however, it´s still very good intro of your style and i am looking forward to listening more of your hawt trackz here

Aaron-Miller responds:

thanks for your review! I don't want it that long for first upload, just want it short and simple. Glad you like my first one =D

damn !!

Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for {Firestorm}, raising its score from 4.19 to 4.21.

man, i just love this song... one of the best songs of AP... GREAT JOB !!

cornandbeans responds:

woa :D

I never expected this one to get so popular.

Thanks for the support, man. :)

nice werk men

nicely and cleanly composed... fine beat and awesome loops... nice start... skilled artists will like yer music... but beware of these "nuthin'-can-do" haterz... ;)) rating on ng is going nuts, but ya boys doin' fine ;))

now i'm goin to smoke that second track ;)

Critical-Collision responds:

Thank You for your kind words and review winKoneR, we're pleased you like it and thanks for the tip off


voted 5 ;)

nice work :) you're rite, it's quite agressive... hard bassline and hard drum... keep it up

hmmm :)

i don't like that windchimes FX in it... also that brassline is horrible :) but the rest is ok ;)

i like that synth loop... i used it too on my Postapocalyptic party track at 140bpm ;) and that beet is okay too...

i'll vote 5 ;) keep it reel ;)

Okeman responds:

thx very much;)

nice work ;)

i like that.. it's very good fo yer first thing here... but it's not a dnb ;) it's more like acid house... so keep up da good werk, i'll vote five fo ya...

it's okay

it's jus' lil' bit acrimonious and repetative... maybe ya can add some bassline or instrument... or some kinda cool fx stuff ;)

but it's good fo yer first thing, i'll vote five ;)

keep it reel man ;)

WillHump4Food responds:

thanks man..i appreciate it. ill look into adding more stuff when i get more familiar with using the program

voted 5 ;)

cuz i live yer style ;)) i like that bassline :) in combination with that drum loop and pads it´s very nice ;) KUTGW

Jiao-Zhang responds:

Thanks, glad you like it.


voted 5 ;)

very nice work man ;) i like it ! ;) keep it up ;)

Jiao-Zhang responds:




not bad ;) in fact, i like it ;)

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