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it sounds exactly like you said.... it should have more juicy mastering and some bassline under the main melody... but it's sounds great even like this... I can see a big rusty factory with a lot of slave workers, magitek armors and empire soldiers bringing kidnapped Terra. Kefka with Crown Of Slaves also ;) good work, peace

Tiredguy responds:

Great! I'm happy to hear it sounds like I wanted it to! I also added more of a bassline like you said. It's kind of subtle unless you have a fairly good speakers though.


funny I don't know this song cuz I haven't ever play this game, but I definitely like it and I love your performance... you are really good... keep it up man

i don't think so :)

for me it sounds more like ending than beginning... I mean that happy ending where the heroes are now just thinking back on their adventures.....everything bad is over and they are happy and feeling good... like me listening to this song ! I can clearly see it as a ending, really... anyways, great song dude !

kelwynshade responds:

Well, in all honesty, I was torn myself when I was working on it. I personally felt it could be an ending theme too, however I didn't want to add too much, so when I completed it I figured it would work out better as a beginning journey theme.

Regardless, thanks for the feedback.

i still have a dream too

now man, I'm clapping! applauding for MLK, and also applauding for this remix...

a long time ago, I made a tribute song to MLK too... It was feelgood and cheerful, and I was thinking about uploading it there... but now, I have two reasons to not to upload it... beacause the race-hatred is still there, so I can't feel good... and the secong reason is, that your MLK song is TOP, so uploading another has no sense...

I'm really enjoying the track... I'm little bit sad, but I'm really enjoying the beauty in this track... very nice work man... very nice...

voting 5 for colour-blindness

TheGameReapa responds:

thank man, i would like ta hear your old remix tho.
e-mail me

thanks for the comment


yeah yeah, biggest idiot and most popular terrorist of the world...
This track should be added as bonus to the Loose Change DVD.

5/5 and
10/10... just like my 10 fingers for shooting this stupid %@!#tard to the universe

awesome to the max

Man you're genius... I know it since I heard Dratsgabnik :)
I love your tracks, especially the turntable work in it...
Keep up the good work... You have a great future in music production, sell some shit to the world!

Peace out !


Rucklo responds:

Hey man, great to get a review from you!
Glad you like the song, thanx alot for popping by! C u around! :)


this is the sort of songs that pressing me to learn flash and make game only for using this song in it... it has really great VG feel, good work, keep it up...

and good luck with KTrecs guys ;)

kelwynshade responds:

I appreciate it. The song does need some things done to it still. Maybe a better final version will be done sometime.

0.61 / 5.00 wtf!

voted five ! 1.73 / 5.00 (+ 1.11) !! damn those haters and zero-bombers...

you're track isn't so hot, but it's also not too bad to deserve these points...

lyrics are best :D the track has some very nice parts with arpeggios and leads but it ends just after the boost... you just ended it in the moment when i started to bounce in my seat... that's a pity, but anyways it's good track... make it longa mate
keep it up

peace out



this reminded me of AoE1 soundtrack :) most likely because of that plucked string or tambourines... nice choice of instruments... and melodies are great too... it's a nice track at all... keep it up

peace out


wyldfyre1 responds:

thanks hehe =) Glad you liked it!

[W] means winKoneR

stop using my signature you bastard !!!

great track btw ;)

peace out


weemeee responds:

Hehehe XD [W] Means WinKoneR And weemeee XD Cant we share it? ;o

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