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kill all haterz

very nice, keep it up


Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for Death To The Haterz, raising its score from 2.50 to 3.33.

good job

I loved dis... you had prooved that "people" had been wrong... keep it up man

kill all haterz


Lil-Saynt responds:

oh i got something for haterz this year bruh...

b ezy and thanks for the review


i love your style... every beat you made made me sad, because I can´t do better song than yours ;-]

Bleek989 responds:

hahaha thx mayne just take some time and try to work at somethin

great thing !!!

I enjoyed this one, I like to hear something new...
it sounds really hard !! ^^
work in this style !! It's an whole new genre !! keep it up and make it popular ;-]

peace out


EverybodysFavorite responds:

This would make for a kick ass flash

voted 5

yeah... I can hear a progress in your audio... dis one, and that last grime are good shitz... keep it up... yer attempts to make a hip hop/crunk joint are really horrible, I don´t like dem... make grime or tech mo, that´s your parquet ( and graphics for sure ;-] )...

and I´m glad dhat you stopped to clicking dat download button ;-]

Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for madness massacre, raising its score from 4.00 to 4.17.

I would vote 4 normally, but I know that you have a lot of haterz ( I know what it is like, cuz I have a lot too ), so I gave ya 5 ;-]

peace out


nice step up

I can see a progress in your skillz... keep this shit up fo sho, I think you have a talent for hard´n´dark beatz, so someday, you´ll be very good in this sort of beatz ;-] cya mate... and don't forget to check out my latest shitz

excellent !

great stuff ! one of the best audiotracks here... you chose really good name, because it fits perfectly and it´s real NG anthem... at least for me...

big up for this track !!


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that's it !

one of the best dnb loops ever ! make a full song !! you'll win at least one grammy :)

lovin' this ^-^

lovely track ^^

this track is very interesting huh. i don´t think that it´s techno but that doesn´t matter... it´s your own style and i enjoyed this track a lot :) that drumloop in combination with that bassline sounds really funny... it would be great as an background music for some funny cartoon or adventure game. you have a big potential. keep it up ;-]

Karaventus responds:

well, it was very hard to choose a category for this. I think it is a mix of techno and classic and a bit of rock I think. but I like techno very much and want to produce many techno songs so I decided to submit it as techno.

make some genre ^^

it was not that bad for your first audiotrack... all first attempts are horrible, but they are start of something which could be very good in future. i think you have an ambition to be good ;) this audio would be better if you pick another instrumental, because these are bad. maybe their not bad, but they are bad together ;) this first audio really miss some instruments and synths. it´s very random... try to pick some genre when you are making audio.
make your next audiotrack longer and more colorful. learn how to make a good drumloop first. your next audiotrack will be nice, i know it ;) keep it up ;)

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