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screw you

really man :angryfaic:
you can take a dump and record it and you will get a 40 reviews and 60 downloads... I'm working for days and nights on one song and I get 1 download, 1 review from guy who like classics ( so he will write "I like the beggining with strings and brasses but the it gone stupid" and big pack of zerobombs...
eved if I did same shit as is this, I would get worse score :) I know, it's the fact that you are loved and I'm hated... but please don't produce this shit to proove it :)
bye cnb

3.37 / 5.00 (+ 0.17)

screw zero-bombers, voted 5 !! and good luck in the contest !!

Flash-MX responds:

Thanks, you too!! I'm gonna go check out your entry later; and also thanks for the remedy for those damned pesky zero-bombers, I left my initial vote empty and 3 votes later it was 0. Thats saying something :(

Thanks again!

nice experimental !!

you know... sometimes I have kinda visions when I'm listening to a song... kinda like I'm creating a videoclip in my head... while listening to this I can see a busy streets full of busy people in some city... the whole picture is quick-motion and some pictures are bluring... huh, who knows what it means... good job you... especialy on granulizing...

TomConfidential responds:

I like that, do you do any video editing or anything of that nature? If so you're welcome to use this song


is there anything else you are doing for living ?

nice nice

I like ambient a lot, also enjoy ambient but I have a problem that I fell from the feelgood to depresive beats very often... your beat is very nice to me... it gives me a lot of pictures in my mind... for example some kind of city, full of slums without people at all.. lot of houses has oped doors and windows, but nobody's there... but you can still see the signs of living, like laundry drying-out outside the house and stuff ... just this melody and sunny weather around the city... also I can see a long road to somewhere, who knows where... I can also see a beach with a kinda wooden house on it... it's also forsaken like the city... but you can still hear noises of people's life on the beach... there is some kind of rubber ball at the beach... so as we can see, people lived there... but where did they go... and why ? I wonder what the heck this means... don't think that I'm on drugs... I just have these feelings when I hear some song... but the song must have some magic in it... sure this have it. Be honored by this, I'm not doing this often... great song, I want to hear more like this...

Mexican-Dessert-Pie responds:

thanks for the detailed review and insight. I can imagine more or less the sceneries you are describing but for me It reminds me of a day when I was 5 years old and It was really cold outside and I was looking at the sunrays flash through a the branches of a big tree that stood outside my house.

had to vote 5

very nice job !

I dunno but it reminds me of Final Fantasy - Crazy Motorcycle Chase Scene...
This song is for sure a very good shit !
I can see a guy driving fast in his car trough city full of blue lights..
It's kinda epic and cheerful... the arpeggio at the start is very catchy and it's great to hear it trought the song, I don't like that synth hits at the first time but as soon as I get used to them, they're fine... the piano is awesome... very nice melody and with the the light delay, it's great... also it's great how did you fit these instruments and they doesn't contrast... I really like this one, good work man... keep doing more shit like this one !

regards, bye

Foxtacy responds:

i am honored with your words man... you see, i imagined just like that when i put the name on the song


I feel like I'm waking up in the middle of some awesome natural scenery full of mist and trees... it's little bit rainy but it's awesome fresh air there... I can feel like I'm healthier every time a breathe out... it's very nice there, I want to live here... it's like whole Another World....... if you like composing ambient music like this or trip hop or something, hit me via PM... I would like to collab on some project ;) peace out!

spamwangler responds:

thats quite alot of what i was thinking when i knocked this piece up

that tune you just posted is seriously underrated... i would love to do a collab,
gimmie a couple of weeks to Finish some stuff off and i will pm you and we can think of something to do

thanks also for the impassioned review:)

nice touch

I can hear the adventure from it... bad that is only a 0:07... because it's a good ground for a great epic track...

nice one!

heh I made a really lot of remixes for this Chocobo Theme so I know what I'm talking about : THIS IS GREAT ! ;) really nice remix, keep it up... peace out


Jostone102 responds:

I just listened to yours, all of which were great! Thanks for your review :D


u R teH k1ng of master1ng chronamutzzZZrorrorg !!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!1!1!!!!1111

hm... why did I wrote it like this ? O_o

peace ^^

Chronamut responds:

ooo.. a review from winKoneR.. :p

and who knows.. because you're a dork? Let's settle with that :P

and thanks man! I try :)


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