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YEAH !!!

absolutely best !!! make it longaaaaaa :D

5 out of 5

I love your work, respect !! keep it up, peace out


this is very nice track, very good, but not yours... Ejay is not an musicmaker... Ejay is just loop composer... kinda music puzzle, you haven't make this beats, scratches etc. so don't say you had made it... peace

Snigendepind responds:

Both yes and no... If i mixed it together, well, then i made it... But, yes, i didnt make the loops that i put together...

you are a true king of NGAP

man, I think I love you <3 every your track get me to the euphory ! I´m looking forward to buying your album ;-] I will give you big feedback in my country ;) btw.: do you have a myspace profile ??

oh shit

why are you uploading this on NGAP ?? SELL IT !!!!!!

Karbon responds:

I am actualy trying to make a custom beat for a contact, and he is offering $2500. No real conformation about it, but it might happen!

Wish me luck.


I luvd dis one... awesome main melody, very well composed... excellent work, but work on mastering lil bit... that beats in it have to explode into my ears...

peace out

good beggining

pretty nice for the first attempts... nice bassline in this track and some great synths and sfx too... however, it´s very badly mastered... but overall, it´s ok

peace out


loogiesquared responds:

well, it IS my first....

kill all haterz

very nice, keep it up


Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for Death To The Haterz, raising its score from 2.50 to 3.33.

good job

I loved dis... you had prooved that "people" had been wrong... keep it up man

kill all haterz


Lil-Saynt responds:

oh i got something for haterz this year bruh...

b ezy and thanks for the review


i love your style... every beat you made made me sad, because I can´t do better song than yours ;-]

Bleek989 responds:

hahaha thx mayne just take some time and try to work at somethin

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